National Health

1. National Health Insurance: As international students are required to subscribe to medical insurance, they subscribe automatically to the National Health Insurance

    without the application process after an alien registration process is completed and should pay monthly insurance premiums.

  - If you do not pay national health insurance premiums, you cannot receive medical insurance services, and you may be disadvantaged when you extend your visa. 

     (If you are late paying your insurance premiums, insurance benefits can be made available after a lump-sum payment is made which can vary.)

  - How to pay: You can pay directly after checking the bill or apply for automatic transfer. 

 Q. How can I get a medical benefit from the National Health Insurance?


A.  After the subscription, you can get benefits without additional processes. 

    ※ Hospitals that provide services in English, Chinese and Japanese

- DAEDONG Hospital: 187, Chungnyeol-daero, Dongnae-gu, Busan (3-minutes' walk from Exit No. 2 of Dongnae Subway Station)

- You can check your insurance after you show your ARC at the front desk for foreigners.

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