Libraries and Learning Facilities

BUFS’s Central Libraries (중앙도서관)

The central library of BUFS provides a variety of resources, including traditional print materials as well as electronic journals, web databases, e-books, 

and e-learning platforms, aiming to enhance students' learning environment. BUFS students can access the library by using their mobile student card app 

with a QR code.

Service Hours

① Library Book access (1F~4F): (Mon~Fri) 09:00~21:00/(Sat) 09:00~13:00 (Closed on Sunday and holidays)
② Reading Room (1F): (Mon~Sun) 07:00 ~ 24:00 (Not closed on holidays)

※ Students are advised to check the different library service hours on the homepage during semesters and vacations. 


- Students with mobile student ID cards can have access to the library and borrow books.
- A total of 10 books can be borrowed per student for 14 days.

Webpage (ID: Student No. / PW: Birth year and date)

How to reserve a study room

How to use the Multimedia Zone (PC, DVD Player, VCR, Scanner, and Printer)

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