Major (전공) 

There are many ways to majoring: single major, double major, minor major, Micro major. Depending on the chosen major, the required credits for each section may 

vary. Therefore, please refer to the curriculum table by entrance year for specific details.

Double Major (복수전공) 

A system in which a student takes two or more majors while enrolled and two or more bachelor's degrees are acquired when required credits 

for each major are gotten.

- Period: Available from the first semester of the 2nd year, before the application period for the Registration Cart
- How to apply: Student Portal System → Registration → Apply for multi-major (minor/double major)

Minor (부전공) 

Minor (부전공) is a system whereby a student can get the tile of ‘minor’ when obtaining required credits for a course in other majors in addition to one’s own major.

Micro Major(마이크로 전공) 

Micro Major is a system of taking prescribed subjects of a small-scale course to meet the demand of the future society. 

A student is required to get 66 credits or more in Major Course, and 9 credits or more in Micro Major. 

Change of Division (Department) (전과) 

Application for Change of Division (Department) (전과신청방법)

- Students can change division (department) “up to 2 times” once enrolled. 

  They can apply for the change from the 1st semester of the 2nd year to the 1st semester of the 4th year.
- Application period: Every January and early July (refer to the detailed schedule on the academic bulletin board)

- How to apply: Fill out the Division (Department) change application form → Visit the original department office/ Get signature of the head of department → 

                         Visit the International Student Support Team and submit the form.

※ Major credits completed in the previous division (department) will be recognized as credits from General Elective Field.
※ If you apply for your previous major as a minor/double major, the credits will be recognized for your minor/double major. 

    (However, you must apply for a change in the course classification through the Student Portal System)

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