Immigration Duties

Reporting of Address Change  Registered Information Change

1. Address Change Reporting


 Foreigners changing their addresses caused by move and others


 Immigration Office/ the nearest community service center (Dong or Gu office)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form

 ② Passport

 ③ Alien Registration Card

 ④ Proof of Residency

   - On-campus: issued at the Dormitory Administration Office

   - Off-campus: Copy of rental contract and Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation(by a building owner)

   ※ If the contract is not under the applicant’s name, they must submit a copy of the rental contract, the

      accommodation provider’s ARC and Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation(by the provider).

▶ The change is required to be reported within 15 days of the occurrence (fines imposed if not reported)

2. Registered Information Change Reporting 


 Foreigners changing their following registered information:

 ① Registered information (name, sex, birth, nationality, etc.)

 ② Passport (Passport No., Passport Expiration validity, lost passport, etc.)

 ③ institutions (such as schools)


 Immigration Office ▶ The change is required to be reported within 15 days of the occurrence (fines imposed if not reported)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form (for reporting the change)

 ② Passport

 ③ ARC

 ④ Proof of changes

   ※ You are required to check the required documents first by phone (1345).

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