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Crime Prevention Guide for Foreigners 

"Crime Prevention Guide for Foreigners," in 14 different languages by the National Police Agency, offers you a way to report crimes and information about any crimes you have witnesses or are being committed.

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① Korean ② English ③ Japanese ④ Chinese ⑤ Indonesian

⑥ Uzbek ⑦ Tagalog ⑧ Russian ⑨ Mongolian

⑩ Vietnamese ⑪ Arabic ⑫ Nepalese ⑬ Khmer ⑭ Thai

Emergency Call




 Fire, Search, Rescue

※ The exact location of the crime and details are needed When reporting to 112, it is crucial to explain the exact location and current situation. However, if this is a challenge, you can do it using the "112 Emergency Reporting App."

Integrated Information Center for Foreigners: ARS 1345 + Country code + * (09:00 ~22:00)

Immigrants can use the center to consult with complaints and get living information essential to staying in Korea and information related to immigration and residence status in 20 different languages.

 ARS 1345 + Country code + *






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Sex Crime

1. It is a crime that violates the victim's right to make sexual self-decisions, including all kinds of acts including physical, verbal, and psychological violence without 

    the victim's consent. 

2. Any acts that happen against the victim's intention, including rape between same-sex and opposite-sex, forced harassment, verbal harassment, obscene phone 

    calls, indecent exposure, child molestation, and the production and sales of pornography. 

※ Any act against the other party's intention is considered a crime, even if it comes without an assault.

3. Digital sex crime

- A crime that bullies victims or threatens to distribute illegal video clips, sexual materials, and pornography filmed by digital devices, including cameras on information networks 

  through the Internet and smartphones.

- Anyone involving illegal filming crimes is subject to punishment, including not only photographers and distributors but also those assisting and cooperating in distributing 

  commercial films or consuming (downloading) revenge porn.

In case of experiencing sexual crime,

Report to Women Emergency Call (1366) or

Digital Sex Crime Victim Support Center


 Consultation and support for removal

of video clips

 Go together with

4. How to counsel and report sexual crimes

Either call or text 117, the Police support center for victims of sex crimes, and visit its website ( 

Evidence of a sex crime is crucial.

- Call 112 and preserve the crime scene

- Examine your body within 72 hours of sexual violence before washing.

- Do not throw away underwear with body fluids and body hair.

- Take a picture of any scar or other physical harms.


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