Visa & Insurance


Extension of Stay in Korea


 Foreigners who want to stay after the duration of stay must be approved by the immigration office


Group Applications at the beginning of the semester (International Students Support Team)



① Application Form (No photo) ② Passport ③ ARC ④ Confirmation of Residence

⑤ Tuition Fee Receipt (printed at the student portal system) ⑥ Certificate of Enrollment

⑦ Academic Transcript (Students taking extra semesters (over nine semesters): Academic

Advisor Statement, Explanatory Statement / Students with GPA of less than 2.0 for the previous

semester: Explanatory Statement) ⑧ Proof of Residency (In case of living off-campus, a copy

of the rental contract is required to be submitted.)

⑨ Financial Statement (only effective for the student’s own bank account in Korea)

only for students with GPA of less than 2.0 (C grade)

(6 months extension: KRW 6 million, 1 year extension: KRW 12 million)

⑧ Tuberculosis Test Certificate (For students who have never submitted the certificate to

the immigration office)




Students can apply for their extension of stay starting from 4 months prior to its expiry

date. (It usually takes as long as 14 days, students are recommended to apply for extension

well ahead of time.)

※ Extension of Stay: A student in the Bachelor’s program can extend the duration of stay up to six years, in the Master’s

program up to five years, and in the Ph. D program up to eight years. The application for the extension requires Visa

Extension Confirmation for students in the Bachelor’s program (if a student has not fulfilled enough credits for

completion) and Confirmation for Student’s Thesis Schedule (if a student write a thesis after completing the program) and

Certificate of Completion for students in the Master’s or Ph. D. programs. (If a student doesn't pay health insurance

premiums, the application for the extension will not be accepted.)

 Q. I'm planning to return home during vacation. Do I need to apply for the re-entry permit?


You don't have to. If you are a registered foreigner with a D-2 visa, the application for

re-entry within "one year" will be waived. When returning to school, however, you must

issue a visa and register as a foreigner again.

※ Note that a re-entry period of “one year ~ two years” is required to apply for a

re-entry permit.

- The application for re-entry: offline application-Immigration Office/online

- Required Documents: Passport, ARC, an application form

Visa Change

1. Change to E-7 (Employment visa)


 D-2 (Student visa) ▶ E-7 (Employment visa)

 How to apply

 Visits the immigration office

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form ② Passport

 ③ A photo (3.5x4.5 cm, white background, taken within the last 6 months)

 ④ Confirmation of Residency ⑤ Bank Statement

 ⑥ Alien Registration Card ⑦ Graduate (expected) Certificate

 ⑧ Employment Contract and its copy ⑨ A Copy of Business Registration Certificate


 KRW 130,000

2. Change to D-10 (Job seeker visa)


 D-2 (Student visa) ▶ D-10 (Job seeker visa)

 How to apply

 Visits the immigration office (Visa is valid for 6 months from date of issue)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form 

 ② Passport

 ③ A photo (3.5x4.5 cm, white background, taken within the last 6 months)

 ④ Job seeking plan

 ⑤ Academic credentials (graduate certificate, diploma, certificate of degree, etc.)

 ⑥ Alien Registration Card


 KRW 130,000

Immigration Office

- Busan immigration office·Immigration contact center‘s address : Busan, Joong-gu, Joongangdae-ro 146 Korean Air

Building 1st, 2nd Floor (Subway Line #1, Busan Station Exit 2, Joongang Station Exit 14)

※ All Korean immigration offices only provide the service for those who
made a reservation in advance. To apply for

your requests, please make a reservation on website ( (Same Day Reservation may not be available)

 Q. What kind of help is available from the Immigration Contact Center (1345)?


The immigration Contact Center provides consultation services via phone in twenty

languages (Korean, English, Chinese and Vietnamese). The center provides visa related

services and civil affairs consultation services needed for the adjustment of foreigners

living in Korea. Besides, The center provides multilingual interpretation service for

foreigners in connection with the central government, local governments, public

organizations and non-governmental organizations.

※ Multilingual Consultation Service : Dial 1345, choose a number of the language that you

want according to information on the ARS and then press *


Residence Card

1. Alien Registration 


 Foreigners staying in Korea for more than 90 days must register within 90 days from the date of entry


 Group Application in the beginning of the semester (International Students Support Team)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form

 ② Passport

 ③ A photo (3.5*4.5cm, white background, taken withing last 6 months)

 ④ Certificate of Enrollment ⑤ Proof of Residence (Contract Note of Yearly/Monthly Rent or Dormitory Residence Certificate)

 ⑥ Medical check-up record for tuberculosis

 Fee KRW30,000

2. Re-issuance of Alien Registration Card (ARC)


 Students can apply for the re-issuance of their ARC via or by visiting the Immigration

 Office in person. (The application available throughout the International Students Support Team would

 be recommended as it takes approximately 4 weeks for the Immigration Office to process the application.)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form

 ② Passport

 ③ A photo (3.5*4.5cm, white background, taken within last 6 months)

 ④ Loss Statement (Free form) ⑤ Certificate of enrollment and Academic transcript

 ⑥ Proof of Residence


 KRW30,000 ▶Application is required to be made within 14 days of the designated reasons

Immigration Duties

Reporting of Address Change  Registered Information Change

1. Address Change Reporting


 Foreigners changing their addresses caused by move and others


 Immigration Office/ the nearest community service center (Dong or Gu office)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form

 ② Passport

 ③ Alien Registration Card

 ④ Proof of Residency

- On-campus: issued at the Dormitory Administration Office

- Off-campus: Copy of rental contract and Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation(by a building owner)

※ If the contract is not under the applicant’s name, they must submit a copy of the rental contract, the

accommodation provider’s ARC and Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation(by the provider).

▶ The change is required to be reported within 15 days of the occurrence (fines imposed if not reported)

2. Registered Information Change Reporting 


 Foreigners changing their following registered information:

 ① Registered information (name, sex, birth, nationality, etc.)

 ② Passport (Passport No., Passport Expiration validity, lost passport, etc.)

 ③ institutions (such as schools)


 Immigration Office ▶ The change is required to be reported within 15 days of the occurrence (fines imposed if not reported)

 Required Documents

 ① Application Form (for reporting the change)

 ② Passport

 ③ ARC

 ④ Proof of changes

※ You are required to check the required documents first by phone (1345).

National Health

1. National Health Insurance: As international students are required to subscribe to medical insurance, they

subscribe automatically to the National Health Insurance without the application process after an alien

registration process is completed and should pay monthly insurance premiums.

- If you do not pay national health insurance premiums, you cannot receive medical insurance services, and you may be

disadvantaged when you extend your visa. (If you are late paying your insurance premiums, insurance benefits can be

made available after a lump-sum payment is made which can vary.)

- How to pay: You can pay directly after checking the bill or apply for automatic transfer. 

 Q. How can I get a medical benefit from the National Health Insurance?


After the subscription, you can get benefits without additional processes. 

※ Hospitals that provide services in English, Chinese and Japanese

- DAEDONG Hospital: 187, Chungnyeol-daero, Dongnae-gu, Busan (3-minutes' walk from Exit No. 2 of Dongnae Subway Station)

- You can check your insurance after you show your ARC at the front desk for foreigners.

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